Tracking Attendance

Daily Check in and out process

Before School for School-Age:

Arrival: An authorized adult, over the age of 18, must accompany child into the center. The adult must sign his/her full legal signature and check in to Procare.

Departure: A Launch teacher will sign each child out and dismiss the child to school and time of departure in Procare.

After School for School Age:

Arrival: At the time of dismissal from school, Launch teachers will sign each child in with time of arrival in Procare.

Departure: An authorized adult, over the age of 18, must come into the program to pick up the child. The adult must sign their full legal signature and check out in Procare. Your child will only be released to their parent/guardian or another authorized adult listed on the Registration Form. Identification may be checked daily.

Preschool and Full-Day Attendance Days

Children attending Preschool and Full-Day must be dropped off and picked up by an authorized adult, over the age of 18. The adult must sign his/her full legal signature when checking in and out of Procare.

In accordance with Washington State law, parents/guardians must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on Launch premises. It is the responsibility of the Program Director not to release children to anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Late Pick up policy

Launch closes promptly at 6 p.m. Beginning at 6:01pm, a $5 late charge will be assessed for the first 1-5 minutes and then $1.00 per minute thereafter.  Please remember that staff members also have obligations to attend to outside of Launch.

Each site follows these guidelines in response to a late pick up:

  1. Staff will contact the family to ensure someone is on their way to pick up the child. If a parent or guardian is not reachable; staff will notify the emergency contacts.
  2. The inability to contact the child’s parent/guardian or emergency contacts one hour after closing may result in Launch contacting Child Protective Services or the local police.
  3. Continual lateness will result in dismissal from the program.


Please contact the Launch site, not just the elementary school, when your child will be absent during any part of his/her regularly scheduled attendance. If you do not speak directly to a staff member, please leave a message on voicemail. Tuition is not refunded or credited for absent days. For families using DSHS/City of Seattle subsidy, please refer to the Tuition and Fees section under the heading For Subsidized Families for more information regarding absences.

If your child is absent from school, your child may not attend Launch.

Supporting School Attendance

Being absent from school can be one of the biggest barriers to learning. Yet there are many obstacles to attending school that our families face. At Launch, we partner with schools and families in order to remove barriers and/or find solutions to help ensure children are in the classroom and able to learn. By being available before school for families, we help ensure children arrive to school on time.

Transition Tracking

When the school day ends, Launch leadership prepares to locate and account for all children scheduled to attend for the day within the first 15 minutes of programming. If your child is scheduled to attend and will be absent from Launch, please notify the program prior to bell time. If your child is not accounted for during the “crucial 15”, a phone call will be made to the school office and to the child’s home in an effort to locate the child.

When we are not in our own space or main room, we will post our current location near the main door. When we leave our space, an enrichment teacher will accompany the children in a maximum of a 1 to 15 teacher/student ratio for school-age and 1 to 10 teacher/student ratio for preschool. Each child will be kept within continuous visual and auditory range of a staff member at all times. Launch teachers utilize a Daily Attendance Tracking Tool (DATT) to ensure that children are accounted for at all times. The DATT is used for each major transition, including when a group or an individual child leaves one space and when arriving at a new space. Teachers do a face to name count and document that all children have arrived to the new transition area.

Early Learning Attendance

It is important that children attend preschool regularly. Because of our partnership with the Seattle Preschool Program, we are required to ensure that children attend a minimum of 95% of the days each month, with absences of no more than 10 days per school year. If attendance falls below this point, a Launch teacher will communicate with the family that their child’s attendance is low. We will try to assist families in working through concerns and challenges that the family may be having. If attendance is consistently low for two months a Family Conference will be arranged. At this time an attendance plan will be developed to help with attendance concerns.

Arrival Time Policy: We ask that children arrive to the program by 8am to receive the full benefits of our daily schedule. After 9am, if a child has not arrived without a phone call letting us know they will be late, or has an appointment (doctor, dental, etc.) we will assume that the child will not be attending for the day. Approval must be obtained from the Program Director if the family would like to drop off their child after 9:30am.

Leap Ahead Attendance Contract

In order for you and your child to gain the greatest benefit from our Kindergarten Readiness program, it is necessary for your child to attend regularly, 100 % of the time, and for school to be part of his/her daily routine. Repeated absences could result in your child being removed from the program. Each family will be give five days of excused or unexcused absences to account for planned vacations, illness, and other incidents that may occur over the course of the summer.