Out-of-School Time – School-age

Daily Routine

School Age: Morning Program

7:00 am until the start of school: Activities include child and staff initiated games, snack, group time, homework support and enrichment activities

School Age: After School Program

End of School until 6:00 pm: Children arrive, snack is provided, and afternoon enrichment activities.

Enrichment Activities include but are not limited to the following, core components:

Homework support, literacy, art, physical wellness, social skills development, and science experiments

Summer Camp and Full Days

7:00 am-6:00 pm: Activities include planned activities led by staff members, youth choice, snacks provided by Launch, focus time, and field trips.

Focus Time

During our school year program, we offer 30-45 minutes of structured homework and academic time called focus time. During these time children are welcome to work on their homework, read, or do some other academic related activity. A Launch teacher is available during focus time to help children with homework or other specific tasks. It is difficult to offer one-on-one homework help during programming. However, please let a Launch teacher know if there are specific areas that you would like your child to focus on during focus time. Launch believes in building a partnership between families and staff to help all children succeed academically. Part of that partnership will include supporting our children with homework completion. Because each child has their own learning pace and style, completing homework on a daily/weekly basis may be challenging. We will make every effort to ensure that children complete as much homework as possible during our scheduled focus time. Specific goals will be developed in partnership with our teachers and families if additional support is needed.

Before/After School Activities Outside of Launch

Launch is not responsible for the quality of the before and after school activities children may be involved in outside of Launch.  However, we do ensure the safe arrival to and from these activities. Families are required to complete an Activity Waiver Form if their children participate in before or after school activities outside of Launch. The Activity Waiver Form can be obtained from the Program Director.