Meals and Food Services

Meals and Snacks

We offer nutritious meals and snacks in our programs. Our menus are based on the specifications of the USDA Food Program. Meals are offered four times daily; once in the morning for breakfast, midday for preschool lunch (school-year only), and twice in the afternoon for supper and a late evening snack. If your child has special dietary needs, please contact the Program Director to arrange for special snacks. Menus will be posted weekly.

As a part of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), Launch is able to be reimbursed for a portion of the meal costs for all children in our programs. This program allows us to provide quality snacks for your children while at the same time helping us to be able to keep things like tuition costs low for our families. Please help us to continue our participation in this program by completing an Enrollment/Income Eligibility Application (E/IEA), regardless of income, when you enroll your child.

Meals from Home

Packed lunches from home are required during full days, summer, and all year round for fieldtrips. In order to ensure food safety, any remaining food will be discarded after 24 hours. When bringing packed lunches please be sure to:

  • Label the lunch with the child’s first and last name
  • Please place on the label the date the lunch was packed
  • Label items that may be questionable (example: sun butter looks like peanut butter but is not made from nuts)

Please do not send pop, candy, gum, or other non-nutritious items to Launch. These items will not be consumed at Launch and will be sent home. A nutritionally balanced lunch must include protein, fruit or vegetable, grain, and dairy. In the event that a lunch is not nutritionally balanced, Launch will provide supplemental food and notify the family. We cannot heat lunches. If a family forgets to bring a lunch for their child, a lunch will be provided for the child.  If this becomes a reoccurring problem, the Program Director will discuss with the family alternatives for lunch options.

Launch is a peanut-free/nut-free zone and we ask that you refrain from bringing any peanut products in lunches.

Eating Together at Launch

Children eat in a family style where they are encouraged to serve themselves and interact with one another and staff. Meal times are a great opportunity for learning about community, responsibility, and taking care of one’s environment. Children engage in this by helping to clear the table, dispose of dishes properly, wiping down their personal space, and helping their neighbor to do the same.

Food and Celebrations at Launch

In the event that you would like to provide special foods to share for a celebration during programming, please provide store bought foods rather than homemade. According to WAC 170-295-3160(3) we cannot allow homemade products to be served to children during our programming hours (7am-6pm). This is to maintain health and safety practices in licensed programs. For potluck family events: If your potluck dish is homemade, please bring a list of ingredients to the event.