Health and Safety Practices

Practices Concerning an Ill Child

We follow the advice of the Seattle-King County Department of Health in excluding children with symptoms of communicable diseases. If your child has any of these symptoms, please make other arrangements for their care:

  • Diarrhea: Three or more watery stools in a 24-hour period or one bloody st
  • Vomiting: Vomiting twice or more in the past 24 hours.
  • Rash: Body rash, heat, or allergic reaction, especially if accompanied by a feve
  • Sores: Oozing sores which cannot be covere
  • Fever: Temperature of 101ºF or above, accompanied by a sore throat, rash, vomiting, earache, diarrhea, irritability or confusio

If your child experiences any of these symptoms while in Launch’s care a call home will be made to arrange for pick up. The child will then wait for their family in a quiet area that is away from other children to provide the child a space to rest until s/he is picked up.

If there is an outbreak of chicken pox, measles, or other vaccine preventable disease, children who are not vaccinated will be excluded from our programs.

Children with Allergies

If your child is at risk of having an allergic reaction from food, bee stings or other medical conditions that requires specific action or medication, you must indicate this on your child’s registration form and complete and Individual Care Plan which includes an Emergency Action Plan and a Food Allergy/Intolerance Form that must be signed by your child’s physician.  Your child cannot start Launch programming until completed forms are turned into the Program Director.

Medication Management

Medication will only be administered under the following guidelines:

Prescription Medication

Written consent from an authorized adult and physician instructions are required for administration of medication. Medication must be stored in its original container and include:

  • Child’s name
  • Physician’s name
  • Name and strength of medication
  • Legible instructions for administration
  • Expiration date or date prescription was filled

Teaching staff that administer care to young children requiring special medical procedures are trained in the procedure and guided as prescribed by the health care provider. Launch will consult with our King County Public Health Nurse to ensure that each staff is well versed in the procedure as well.

Medication Policy

Our medication policy is as follows:

  • Medication is accepted only in its original container, labeled with child’s full name.
  • Medication is not accepted if it is expired.
  • Medication is only given with prior written consent of a child’s parent/guardian.
  • This consent on the medication authorization form includes all of the following:
    • Child’s Name
    • Name of the medication
    • Dosage
    • Method of administration
    • Frequency (cannot be given “as needed”; consent must specify time at which and/or symptoms for which medication should be given)
    • Duration (start and stop dates)
    • Special storage requirements
    • Any possible side effects (from package insert or pharmacist’s written information)
    • Any special instructions

A physician’s written authorization is required for non-prescription medication that:

  • Is to be taken differently that indicated on the manufacturer’s label
  • Lacks label instructions

In the Event of a Medical Emergency

  • All Launch staff are trained in CPR and First Aid.
  • A designated staff will contact the Emergency Medical System (911).
  • Launch Leadership will contact the parent/guardian or if the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the child’s alternative emergency contact pers
  • Emergency transportation for any necessary medical care will be determined by the emergency response team and/or parent/guardia
  • An accident/incident report will be completed and kept at the center.

Policy Review

Launch’s Disaster Preparedness Plan and Pesticide Policy are available for your review. If you would like to read our Pesticide/Disaster Policy and/or our Health Care Plan, please see the family information board to find out where it is located at your center. Please see your Program Director for further information.

Baby-Sitting Policy

In order to maintain professional boundaries, Launch staff and their family members may not babysit program participants outside of Launch programs.

Child Abuse Policy

Childcare providers are required by law to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect immediately. Referrals may be made to CPS without conferring with the parent/guardians.

  • Suspected or witnessed child abuse or neglect will be immediately reported to Child Protective Services (CPS). Phone number for CPS:  800.609.8764.
  • Signs of child abuse or neglect will be recorded on Child Abuse and Neglect Form (Launch Incident Report Form) which is located in the Program Director’s office.
  • Annual training is provided to all staf
  • DEL Licensor will be notified of any report made.

Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Plan

Staff members are trained in basic emergency procedures. Necessary responses to issues regarding natural disasters (flood, earthquakes, etc.) and fire escape routes are addressed in staff training. Monthly fire drills and quarterly natural disaster drills are conducted at program sites. In the event that a site location becomes compromised due to fire or natural disaster, each Launch program has identified a meeting location in case of emergency. Please contact your Program Director for this information.

Launch has a plan to ensure that in the event of an emergency we are able to support and sustain all children in our program for a minimum of three days. Each site is equipped with a supply of water, food and first aid supplies to address needs that arise in the event of a disaster.

In our disaster plan you will find:

  • Emergency numbers
  • Emergency contacts
  • Emergency off site location
  • Information about types of safety drills performed by staff on a quarterly basis

Weather Related Closures

Launch follows the Seattle Public Schools (“SPS”) schedule for hazardous weather closure days; this means if SPS is closed for the entire day for hazardous weather then Launch will also be closed for the entire day. If SPS closes for part of the day due to weather (late start or early dismissal) please check our website or call your site’s voicemail or the Launch administrative office at 206-726-7972 for an updated Launch schedule. Please note that Launch preschool programs follow the SPS weather closure schedule for K-5 students, not the SPS weather closure preschool schedule.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, we are primarily concerned for the welfare of the children and our staff. It is safest to pick up your child early on those days. During school breaks when Launch is open for full-day care (for example, during mid-winter break), if we are faced with extreme weather conditions we will make a determination on closures or delays and the information will be recorded on our website, site voicemails, and the admin office voicemail 206-726-7972.

Teacher Strike Closures

In the event of a Seattle Public Schools Teacher strike, Launch will evaluate our availability to provide full day care on a case-by-case basis. We will notify families of our availability. Our first priority is the safety of children, families, and employees.

Power Outage/Flooding

In case of a power outage or flooding at a site, children are able to go to another site based on space capacity. However, Launch will not be able to transport children. This will be up to the responsibility of the family. Launch cannot be open for more than two hours without power; therefore, families will be called immediately if power is not resumed before the time to pick up their child.

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Medical System 911 Crisis Clinic 206.461.3222
Child Protective Services 1.800.609.8764 Poison Control 1.800.222.1222
Seattle Schools Transportation 206.298.7900

Weapons Policy

Launch has a policy of “NO TOLERANCE” for illegal substances and weapons. Launch sites are located on SPS property, therefore children under Launch care may not possess or use weapons on Launch property and in areas used or sponsored by the Seattle Public Schools.

Weapons include firearms according to federal and state laws, explosives, items that can be construed as causing bodily harm and toys/objects that appear to be weapons or used to cause bodily harm, regardless of size.

Any child who has brought a weapon to Launch:

  1. Will be removed from the group
  2. Parent/Guardian will be called immediately to take child home and local law enforcement called
  3. Any situation of this type will result in your child being terminated from the program

Pet Policy

Due to allergies of children in our programs, we ask that during drop-off and pick-up any family pets remain outside. Launch does not house pets in our programs.

Diaper and Toilet Training Process

Launch programs are not equipped with the proper facilities for diaper changing or toilet training.  Children entering into our programs must be able to independently use the toilet facilities. If a child has frequent accidents, the teachers and leadership team will work with the family to determine a plan of action to help the child learn the skills s/he needs to use the restroom independently. Launch teachers are understanding of the developmental level of children and know that children do occasionally soil their clothing. Please bring extra clothing. If your child has an accident, a teacher will stand at the doorway of the bathroom and verbally guide students to remove their soiled clothes, put them in a bag, clean their skin and put new clothes on independently.