Getting Involved in the Program

Getting Involved with Launch

Families are encouraged to participate in program activities and provide input on a regular basis. Families are welcome to drop in to our centers at any time during our hours of operation.

The following are ways in which each family can get involved at Launch:


  • Attend Orientation/Open House
  • Volunteer
  • Fundraising/Donations
  • Complete Family Satisfaction Surveys
  • Communicate Daily with Center Staff
  • Participate in Family Conferences


Family Conferences

Early Learning

Family conferences are held three times per year. During conferences, families will have the opportunity to review observations, discuss current goals and assessments (TSG, ASQ, PPVT, Health Screenings, etc.) and discuss new goals set by both the teacher and family.  During the last conference of the year, the preschool teacher and the family work together to complete a kindergarten transition plan for the child, ensuring that they have been enrolled in kindergarten, are meeting developmental milestones and providing families with additional resources they may need (e.g. ChildFind) to help support the transition to kindergarten.  It is important to attend conferences so that we can collaborate with you in your child’s education.

Out-of-School Time

Family conferences are available upon request and as needed for intervention strategies.


More than 30% percent of Launch families are lower-income and receive child-care subsidies from DSHS or the City of Seattle. Thanks to generous donor support, we are working to close the achievement gap and reach underserved populations. Our programs serve children of color, immigrant and refugee families, those living in poverty, and middle-income, working families. No family should have to sacrifice quality for cost.

City and state reimbursements cover only a portion of our operating costs. Apart from tuition fees, the rest of our income comes from funding provided by generous private donors.

Each dollar donated helps us provide high-quality learning and care for the underserved and at-risk children who are entrusted to us.

If you are interested in making a donation, please visit our website at:

Family Engagement

You are an important part of your child’s learning. Launch shares your goal of giving your child the best start possible, so his/her highest potential can be reached. We stay in touch with you, and offer many opportunities for family participation in your child’s experience with Launch, through family dinners; newsletters and teacher conferences; support, resources and referrals; educational events; and fun get-togethers.