Early Learning – Preschool

Daily Routine

Each of our preschool sites will have a similar Daily Routine that includes these parts of the day:

After breakfast, the children gather for Message Board and Greeting Time.  This time of day is an opportunity for teachers and children to be together and set up their day. During Message Board the teachers draw symbols and words to help promote children’s literacy skills. On the Message Board, they include attendance, opportunities for whole class problem-solving, and any changes to classroom schedule or visitors.

Large Group Time is the time of day for children to get together as a whole group and sing, dance and play games.  The children learn gross motor development, creative movement, musical expression, how to cooperate and how to participate with others in a group.

Small Group Time is the time of day that children are in small groups of 10 or less.  Each group has a teacher-led activity based on the academic and developmental needs and interests of the children. In small groups, each child has an opportunity to use their own set of materials. The teacher interacts with the children as they explore the materials and helps to deepen their understanding.

HighScope uses a sequence of Plan-Do-Review (Planning Time, Work Time, Recall Time) to foster executive functioning in children.  When children are given formal opportunities to make plans, implement their plans and reflect on them, their ability to think critically is highly supported.

Planning time is a critical time of day in a HighScope classroom.  Three and four-year-old children are in a stage of development where taking initiative is key to successful development. Planning time is a 10 minute or less activity that helps students develop plans for their Work Time. During Planning Time, the children determine where they are going to work in the classroom, what materials they are going to work with and who they are going to work with during the scheduled work time.

Work time is a time for children to “go to work” and implement their plans.  All areas of the room (The Toy Area, The Block Area, The Art Area, The Book Area, House Area and/or The Writing Area, The Music Area and Woodworking Area) are open during work time. During this time, the children develop their interests, problem-solve and the teacher joins in as a “partner in play” taking on roles as the children assign them and facilitating their problem-solving skills.

Recall Time is an activity time for reflection. After children clean up from work time, the students gather in their small groups and do an activity that helps them reflect on their experiences during work time. The teacher helps them think about their prior experiences and elaborate on their ideas.

Nap and Rest Periods

Naptime in preschool not only gives children time to refresh and recharge, but also improves their learning by enhancing their memory. We offer our children an opportunity to take a daily nap after lunch. We provide quiet activities for children that do not nap. Per Department of Early Learning requirements, children must be at rest for at least 45 minutes.

Please feel free to send a blanket or a stuffed toy from home for nap in order to make this time as relaxing as possible. Label these items with the child’s name. These items will be kept in the child’s cubby until nap time arrives.