Bringing Things from Home

Personal Belongings

Toys and other play equipment should not be sent from home to Launch unless requested by a staff member. In the event of a planned activity requiring items from home, please label each item with your child’s full name. Launch is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

If items are brought to school and become a distraction, items will be removed from the classroom and placed in the Program Director’s office until pick up.

What to Wear

To fully participate in all activities, children will need an extra set of clothes, athletic shoes, and a coat if applicable. Depending on the activity and/or weather, additional clothing may be required.

Although we take precautions to protect your child’s clothing, Launch recommends that children are not sent in clothing that families have concerns about being stained or damaged. Launch is not responsible for replacing damaged clothing.


At Launch, we understand that playing video games, and talking or playing on cell phones are activities that children enjoy. However, we do ask that all electronics be left at home. At Launch we are focused on providing enriching experiences with children that involve small and large group interactions.  Please leave electronics at home unless specified by your child’s program. The use of electronic devices is permitted at the program during designated times only.

Launch is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Cell Phone Use:

  • Launch does not permit the use of cell phones by children while in our program.
  • Families will be given the main phone number to the site and directed to use this number to contact their children.
  • If parents/guardians decide to send a cell phone with their child, cell phones should be kept in backpacks. If cell phone use becomes a problem throughout the day, the cell phone will be held until the parent/guardian arrives to pick up the child at the end of the day.

Launch teachers periodically use iPads or iPod Touches to take classroom observations and photographs. Photos will only be taken of children that have a signed photo release statement. Please see the enrollment packet for the photo release statement.